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Mar 20, 2012 9:00pm PDT
you, polls closed about an hour ago. mitt romney has won the state of illinois, mitt romney the projected winner in that state. the latest results we have right now are 19% in, mitt romney 54% of the vote, rick santorum, 28% of the vote, ron paul 9% of the vote, newt gingrich, 7% of the vote. we'll be watching those percentages in the rankings of the other candidates as the percentages of the vote increases. this is exciting. this is election night. republicans in the great state of illinois making big consequential decisions whether to punch their ballot for mitt romney, rick santorum, ron paul or newt gingrich. actually, that's not the way it has worked at all. have you seen what the ballot looks like that republicans were using tonight in illinois? it's different in every county, but this is representative. let's put up the macon county ballot. if you're going to vote in illinois and you're voting in macon county, which is right in the middle of the state, if you want mitt romney to be president, you can indicate you want mitt romney to be president of the united states,
Mar 20, 2012 7:00pm PDT
teleprompter, coming back at mitt romney saying america doesn't need a manager in washington, d.c. we need someone to pull up government by the roots and throw it out in case the contrast wasn't clear enough. nbc's coverage of the republican presidential primaries continues now with lawrence o'donnell on the last word. good evening, mr. o'donnell. >> rachael, we heard a lot from rick santorum. we heard from mitt romney. but we didn't hear enough from you. those guys took up all of your time. i got an empty chair over here. why don't you run across the hall. >> okay. >> i'm sitting here all alone. >> i'll be there in 27 seconds. >> all right. >> thanks. >> nbc news projects mitt romney will win the illinois primary after his campaign and his superpac outspent rick santorum by a 7-1 margin. that includes santorum's superpac spending. mitt romney will not win all 54 delegates. they will be split among the 18 congressional districts. and among the winners, the majority of voters also said the economy was the most important issue in this race. and tonight, mitt romney used his victory speech to
Mar 19, 2012 11:00pm PDT
santorum really win this thing? we'll have to start be taking illinois's primary. romney easter if ied of another loss, and he spent the day calling santorum an economic light weight. santorum says picking romney is like picking -- also, what do romney and santorum think the u.s. should do or country should do in afghanistan? should we stay or go? it's hard to tell. romney said he is not ready to take a stand. it's ease to to criticize obama from the cheap seats. why do republicans blame obama for high gas prices? because they can. and even though republican claims are misleading or dishonest, the obama camp is very worried about gas prices and the potential political fallout this november. it was two years ago this week that president obama signed his law for health care. tonight, we'll look at how the president fought back against people in congress putting one thing above everything else, so see president obama fail. finally, what can brown do for you? not much if you're rick santorum, talking about scott brown and his dirty joke about santorum and his view on contraception. we have
Mar 19, 2012 2:00pm PDT
this thing? if so, he'll have to start by taking tomorrow's illinois primary. romney is terrified of another upset loss and he spent the day referring to santorum as another economic lightweight. santorum said romney would be like tweeddlum versus tweedlede. should we stay in afghanistan? should we go? romney admitted yesterday he's not ready to take a stand. i guess it's easy to criticize president obama from the cheap seats until they come up with a coherent plan. plus oil consumption is up but it's actually down this year. make no mistake. the obama camp itself is very worried about gas prices and the potential fought this november. it was two years ago this week when president obama signed his health care into law, putting an exclamation point on the most controversial battle in congress. tonight we're talking about congress and brown do for you. i'm talking about scott brown, the senator from massachusetts and his dirty little joke about santorum and contraception. we begin with the battle in illinois. the co-authors of "game change" as well as msnbc political analysts. likely political
Mar 19, 2012 8:00am PDT
roberts. we get straight to it starting on the agenda today. mitt romney desperate to lock up the front-runner title in the battle for the republican nomination and avoid falling flat with illinois voters. romney padded his delegate league with a win in puerto rico and is hoping to keep that going. >> i must bet the margin was just about as good. i need only one thing from you this morning, no, two. i need some pancakes and, number two, number two, i need you to go vote tomorrow. >> so we're not talking about pancakes over the weekend. romney made much use of the word economic lightweight. using that phrase to link both rick santorum and president obama. >> i believe itch the best chance and perhaps the only chance of actually replacing barack obama as the president of the united states. >> so not taking that one lying down. rick santorum hit back with these words on "morning joe." if i'm a lightweight, i agree, he's a heavyweight. is a big government heavyweight. that's what he said his record was. we need someone who understands that washington isn't the answer to our proble
FOX News
Mar 22, 2012 6:00pm EDT
through committee last night. >>> republican presidential front ruper mitt romney is trying to establish distance from wednesday's controversy over whether his self-described consecutive positions are genuine. carl cameron reports today was about consolidating support from the right. politically and financially. >> brief media availability wednesday evening, front runner romney is front running and campaigning behind closed doors meeting with power brokers in d.c. including paul ryan and influential conservative demint who is excited about prospect of romney becoming the nominee. santorum has less nominee of romney but says it's not over. >> this race is a long way to go. it's closer than what the media perception. is we feel like we will do well saturday. >> stumping in texas, santorum for the second day in a row blasted romney for the suggestion that romney can reset the campaign like etch-a-sketch like head-to-head battle against obama. >> all the things that allow him to win the primary are unavailable for him to win the general. he knows what he is doing now can't win. he has to res
Mar 19, 2012 10:00pm PDT
. thank you for being with us for this special report tonight. >>> mitt romney may be on his way to a win in illinois tomorrow. but he is still not on his way to winning enough delegates to get the republican nomination for president. and that is very good news for the obama reelection campaign. >> for the men of 2012, things are getting wild on the campaign trail. >> mitt romney and rick santorum battling head to head for illinois. >> can rick santorum really win this thing? >> romney is ahead in the polls in illinois. >> likely republican voters in illinois favor romney 45% to rick santorum's 30%. >> rick santorum is nothing if not a fighter. >> governor romney's on the same page as president obama on all of these issues. unfortunately, mitt romney and barack obama are on the same pace. >> there are plenty of delegates out there for us. >> he is looking toward a brokered convention and planning on that. >> i don't think it's going to happen. it's never happened. >> it's just going to be a big, nasty mess. >> they have ann romney going after that female vote. >> republicans are getting k
Mar 12, 2012 12:00pm PDT
. >> not if these good old boys have say. >> we're going to be the nominee. >> governor romney will not make it. >> romney is probably the weakest front-runner since 1920. >> thems fighting words. >> two can play at that game. >> if i'm a weak front-runner, what does that make newt gingrich because i'm well ahead of him? ♪ we have a long way to go >>> we start by extending the our warmest birthday good wishes to one willard mitt romney born with a silver spoon in his mouth 65 years ago. polls show he is in a tight race. in both the alabama and mississippi contest is up for grabs. national polls are also conflicted about whether he or rick santorum has a four point lead. mitt is predicting a victory in the alabama contest. that's a reversal when any were giving him a fighting chance in the deep south. he's managed to turn on the southern charm. >> last night i was in mississippi, by the way, i had cat fish for the second time. it was delicious. we're going get this thing won. >> it's not just with his fellow good old boys. mitt may have saved his best line for the beautiful bells well down yon
Mar 21, 2012 7:00am EDT
to cnn's exit poll, what drove conservatives and middle income voters to rally around mitt romney. governor romney scored a decisive win in illinois, took home 47% of the vote to nt is snt's 35% of the vote, and that win helped mitt romney pad his del lat count, now at 562, senator santorum has less than half at 249. mitt romney is taking new jabs at president obama. >> we once built an interstate highway system, and the hoover dam. now we can't even build a pipeline. i mean, we once led the world in manufacturing and exports, investment. today we lead the world in lawsuits. you know, when we replace a law professor with a conservative businessman as president, that's going to end. >> talking about himself, of course. last night no doubt a big blow for rick santorum. you'll remember that he had predicted if he won, if he won illinois he'd win the nomination. listen. >> i predict if we are able to do what i know most people think is impossible, which is to carry the state of illinois, that will fundamentally change this election like no other contest to date. it will put us in a po
Mar 6, 2012 7:00pm EST
and everyone thought romney would be declared the winner out of virginia immediately. it was only him on ron paul on the ballot. this is sort of a nice little momentum shift for gingrich to be able to be declared the winner. we don't have any results in this yet. that basically looks like he's running pretty strong there. >> ifill: newt gingrich said in a refreshing refreshingly obvious comment this week if he couldn't win in his home state he's no longer a credible candidate. is he a credible candidate? >> i don't think we know yet whether he is. it will depend down the line tonight on a number of other contests. at the bare minimum he had to win georgia to be taken seriously to get to the other states whether it's oklahoma, ohio, tennessee and mississippi, and alabama. i would say this would be a huge embarrassment. this was absolutely necessary but it's a sufficient reason that the former speaker is a top tier candidate. >> he actually campaigned in georgia too. it wasn't like romney didn't spend any time in massachusetts but he's likely to win his home state later tonight. gingrich actua
Mar 20, 2012 6:00pm EDT
. >> and in is going to be something mitt romney might love and reflects the wrong priorities for the country. >> reporter: these republican budget is expected to pass through the house. since democrats control the senate, there is almost no chance that it will survive there, which will set up, of course, another round of short- term spending plans, standoffs and, of course, brian, we'll have to see if both sides can work out another budget deal. >> all right, tom fitzgerald. >>> illinois voters head to the polls today in the latest republic primary and things are heated between the two republican candidates fighting for the top spots. 54 delegates up for grabs and 69 being awarded to the winner. mitt romney and santorum chris crossed the state trying to pick up last-minute votes. >> and one of the people who is running also for the republican nomination today said that he doesn't care about the unemployment rate. that doesn't bother him. i do care. it does bother me. >> the unsuccessful -- in the state of massachusetts is one of the worst job creators in the four yearings he was governor. >>
Mar 25, 2012 7:00am EDT
% of the vote. 91,000 votes for rick santorum with 4200 precincts reporting in. 27% 4 mitt romney during new to gingrich getting 16% or just under 30,000 votes. ron paul getting 6% with just over 11,000 votes. some of the headlines -- victory was two to one over mitt romney. with nine wisconsin in early april, you are one of the real key states, this is from their paper. rick santorum is on the campaign trail with the etch a sketch. we have more coming up as he tries to drive focus on the primary in wisconsin which will be key in early april. let us get to your phone calls. ron from california -- who speaks to the republican party? good morning. go ahead. we will try one more time. are you there? caller: this is john. good morning. you know, one of the things that kind of bothers me is that we still have not resolved the issue in america with electronic voting machines and the proprietary source code. i am not sure if santorum won down there in louisiana based on any kind of voting on electronic voting machines. but, this issue has been going on for the last several years. the politicians ta
Mar 6, 2012 5:00pm PST
have just closed in eight of the 10 super tuesday states. mitt romney is already the declared winner in virginia, massachusetts, and vermont. newt gingrich is the declared winner in georgia tonight. that's one of the two states with the most delegates at play. we want to show you what's going on now. ohio is the closest battleground state today. it is the state where 63 delegates are at stake. we want to pull up ohio for you. 63 delegates here. polls show this to be a toss up between mitt romney and rick santorum. right now with just 1% of the precincts counted, santorum is leading 39% to romney's 37%. the other big state at play is of course georgia. this state has the most delegates here today on this super tuesday 76 delegates at stake. it is gingrich's home state. he needed this win to keep his campaign alive looks like he did it. newt gingrich is the projected winner in his state. so in all there are 118 delegates at stake. 1144 delegates are needed to win the republican nomination. as it stands right now, mitt romney has the most delegates with 220. rick santorum has 86, newt g
Mar 19, 2012 1:00pm PDT
now. >>> republican rivals trading insultings on this the eve, romney calls santorum an economic light weight, romney calls santorum a light weight finance year. and anna says he was held captive for months by militants. and apple -- should it be employing americans to make those devices at home instead of paying cheap wages in china? i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room." >>> we're only a day away from a crucial primary that could determine where this republican marathon is headed. fresh off a run away win in puerto rico, mitt romney is now looking to score big in illinois. rick santorum needs a strong showing as he tries to deny romney the nomination. the two rivals have long since taken off the gloves, but now they have put on some brass knuckles as well. our national correspondent jim accosta is in chicago with the very latest. >> the top two gop contenders are practicing their own brand of chicago style politics on this day before the illinois primary and both rick santorum and mitt romney are proving to be untouchable. >> reporter: the battle for the gop nomination has
Mar 2, 2012 8:00am PST
the state of ohio. mitt romney closing the gap with rick santorum. we'll look at what's astake and who is ahead in the money race. >>> plus the war on women. georgetown university law student sandra fluke speaks out about being degrated in the worst possible way by rush limbaugh. and serious questions about a gate crasher, a suspected drunk driver arrest aed after smashing through a gate and getting on to a major runway with a passenger jet seconds from touching down. i'm thomas roberts. great to have you with me. just four days until the all-important super tuesday. the day known for making and breaking candidacies. no prize bigger than the state of ohio with 66 delegates. the battle for the buckeye state already a nail biter. pollsters saying it's a two-man neck and neck race. santorum ahead 35% to 31%. important to point out there. joining me this morning, strategist debbi ding l, and harry bacon. a poll shows romney has narrowed this gap. a third of voters saying they can still change their mind. but when you look at the demographics of ohio, 79% making less than $100,000 a
Mar 7, 2012 7:00am EST
and romney campaign. ron braun seownstein, you're so. that's happening. tim pawlenty, of course, the former minnesota governor and also former presidential candidate will be joining us this morning. and alice stewart, press secretary. she's going to talk to us. reince priebus, chairman of the rnc and kevin dewine is slated to talk to us as well. we're going start by looking right at the numbers. mitt romney landing six victories on super tuesday. it was a nail biter in ohio. 38% to santorum's 37%. ultimately like the difference of something like 12,000 votes. not very much. he also took idaho. he took alaska and massachusetts and vermont and virginia. there was no surprise there. rick santorum claimed oklahoma and tennessee. he had been leading in the poll there's a. while there. he also took north dakota. newt gingrich costed to a very easy win in the state of georgia. gingrich and santorum are vowing to fight on as romney is now turning his attention to president obama as we've said before. here. >> 24 million americans are still struggling for work, they are high fiving each other in the
Mar 6, 2012 3:00pm PST
-israel public affairs committee in washington via satellite. so did mitt romney, pressing for a tougher line on iran. >> a nuclear iran is not only a problem for israel. it's a problem for america and it's a problem for the world. >> woodruff: and rick santorum who addressed the apac gathering in person. >> we have a whole lot of primaries going on all across the nation. ten of them. but i wanted to come off the campaign trail to come here. >> woodruff: but for romney and santorum, ohio was the day's major focus and the closest contest. romney was hoping to overtake santorum there. he was also favored in massachusetts and vermont and in virginia where some polling stations look like ghost towns. the low turnout was mostly because only romney and texas congressman ron paul qualified for the ballot. paul focused his campaign mostly in the west. he was the only candidate to visit alaska. today he stumped in idaho. >> this is a very special day. idaho is a very special state. we're expecting lots of things to happen. >> woodruff: so the republican hopefuls await tonight's results with only one t
FOX News
Mar 22, 2012 11:00am EDT
. jon: mitt romney racking up the delegates. some are call on rick santorum to call it quits. others say, not so fast. we'll have a fair and balanced debate. jenna: our soldiers on the battlefield may soon get help from these little nice. live demo of cool technology that could save lives. it is all "happening now." jenna: hi, everybody, glad you're with us today. i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. right now mitt romney hopes to capitalize on the next big contest after his decisive win in illinois. a strong showing in louisiana where santorum is favored would be another big boost to his campaign. the south has been tough territory foreromney with the the exception of florida. the big wins have gone to santorum and gingrich helping them keep in the race for the gop nomination. romney fares better nationally puts him ahead of by seven points. there is new evidence that romney support among conservatives is growing. chief washington correspondent james rosen is live for us now. >> reporter: good morning. it would be a stretch to describe the conservative feeling for mitt romney as a sudden
Mar 2, 2012 11:00am EST
debbi ding l, and harry bacon. a poll shows romney has narrowed this gap. a third of voters saying they can still change their mind. but when you look at the demographics of ohio, 79% making less than $100,000 a year. santorum seems to have the advantage when it comes to that demographic. romney and santorum so different when it comes to how people look at them and their financial background. which one has to take ohio? >> i think it means a lot to both of them. you have had momentum shifts back and forth. you're going to see a pretty big map. in ohio, even though it's not the one with the most delegates, that would be georgia. that's what everybody is going to be looking at because of the battleground in the general election. whoever takes ohio is going to take another big momentum shift. if it's mitt romney, he can say i'm the nominee, i think he can say this is a race to tampa. i have proven i can win in tough states. this is a big state for both of them. >> let's talk about newt gingrich. the camp that he has rolling out. targeting santorum in oklahoma and tennessee. everybody
Mar 24, 2012 9:00pm PDT
,000 a year. and he won big. if you look at this group, 30 to 50,000, he won 49% to romney's 21%. newt gingrich did better than mitt romney in this category. go to the lowest end group here and look at this, 65% to 13%. sure, mitt romney won a little bit, but down here his win not so impressive. 46% to santorum's 31%. when you are talking about one of the state's in the country with some of the lowest per capita income, winning with people that make more than $200,000 doesn't get you very far. the darker color indicates places where people have the highest median income. as you can see, there weren't that many that would fall in to a category that romney might have been able to do well with and as you saw from the previous map he did not do well with them. so a tough night on the economy. one more thing that is interesting here. you mentioned it earlier this evening. let's go past this and look at the issue of education. because this is something where mitt romney has tended to do well, the more educated people are. louisiana, as a state, does not have as many people with college degre
Mar 5, 2012 11:00am PST
? >>> romney's old words coming back to haunt him again. santorum and others piling on after romney op-ad supporting an individual mandate is back in the headlines and now some conservatives admit if romney is the nominee they won't be able to fight president obama on health care. >>> another cruel turn of events, snow covering parts of the country. the heartbreaking news of a toddler pulled from the rubble after losing her entire family has died. >> i was holder her hand seconds before they died. >>> plus, they are no saints. the nfl hitting the team for putting bounties on other players. is the fine too much? it's our "news nation gut check." >>> i'm tamron hall. the "news nation" is following developing news. aol has become the latest advertiser to drop rush limbaugh. that makes a total of nine advertisers that have said bye-bye. at the top of his show, here is what he had to say about the apology over the weekend. >> the apology to her over the weekend was sincere. it was simply for using inappropriate words in way i never do. and in so doing, i became like the people we oppose. i
Mar 12, 2012 3:00am PDT
. "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ >>> mitt romney won a key victory in the ohio super tuesday primary. narrowly beating rick santorum by just 1%. specifically the 1%. despite only winning the super tuesday primary in georgia, newt gingrich vowed to continue his campaign saying i'm the tortoise. i take it one step at a time. also, if you roll me on to my back, i can never get up. rick santorum today won the kansas caucuses beating mitt romney by 30%. santorum was expected to do well in kansas because it's also a giant square. >> all right, everybody. top of the hour, 6:00 on the east coast, good morning. it is monday, march 12th, and we've lost an hour. wake up, wake up, wake up. with us onset, msnbc contributor mike barnicle. you're back. i haven't seen you in a while. >> i haven't been here in a while. >> okay. that makes sense. msnbc political analyst and visiting professor at nyu, former democratic congressman harold ford jr. and former chief strategist to the mccain/palin campaign, steve schmitt. we'll talk about the movie coming up. and in washington, chief foreign affairs corres
Mar 1, 2012 3:00pm PST
-up to super tuesday. >> reporter: mitt romney started his campaign day in energy-rich north dakota hammering president obama over the surging price of gasoline. >> he should be hanging his head and taking a little bit of the blame for what's going on today. >> reporter: gas prices have pushed their way onto the campaign agenda, rising 45 cents a gallon since the first of the year. but in a blog post today, the white house again highlighted figures showing u.s. reliance on oil imports falling in each of the three years of the obama presidency. back in fargo, romney argued it would be down even more, if not for the president's policies, including his veto of a plan to speed up the keystone oil pipeline project. >> when someone says do you want to bring in a pipeline that's going to create tens of thousands of jobs to bring oil in from canada how in the world can you say no? but he did. this is a president that does not understand energy. he is the problem not the solution. >> reporter: the president counterpunched in nashua, new hampshire, rejecting republican plans he says focus mainly on mor
Mar 13, 2012 5:00pm EDT
chance of winning this race. the polls showed it to close to call. romney doing well in both states. you have the inside, they think it will be a split decision. >> we're hearing from a couple of people. it sounds like the alabama numbers -- there was an early wave that broke on drudge report. alabama is likely to go to santorum and romney is a close second. newt is not in for a good night. we will see if newt gingrich does not follow with a win. he put out to a very -- put out a very busy schedule. >> you are mentioning the website that dare not speak its name. the drudge report. the exit polls which often get leak don drudge and everyone who is a political journalist knows about capriotes that should come with those. they drive coverage in a big way. you can see it in the early coverage that the networks have. we watched you guys another -- the other day participating in the newscast. >> we appreciate it. >> the tone early in the evening was quite markedly different than the other. it is an interesting phenomenon. we're so starved for information early in the evening that we will build
Mar 10, 2012 5:30pm PST
coming in. this evening, rick santorum has won kansas. 40 delegates there. mitt romney and newt gingrich in a close there for second place there. romney did pick up victory earlier in the day. u.s. territories, guam, virgin islands. and look at this, mitt romney holds a commanding lead for the 1144 delegates needed for the nomination. so as the race now shifts to the south, the bigger question here tonight, is there any way the other candidates can wrestle this away from romney? we asked abc's david kerley to do the math and these numbers are pretty telling, david. >> it is pretty interesting, david. a win say win for santorum tonight, there's no doubt about it. but the math says that really he can't win the nomination. he can, however, help keep mitt romney from getting the nomination before the convention. santorum's big win in kansas was not a surprise and he wasted no time taking on romney. >> we're not electing a ceo, we're electing a commander in chief. and there's one person who has experience doing that. >> reporter: romney and gingrich ceded kansas to santorum. the real battle i
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 341 (some duplicates have been removed)